Our solutions benefit
all stakeholders
in the education ecosystem

Benefits to key stakeholders

Teachers save time, which allows them to focus their efforts on meeting the specific needs of individual students.
Lessons are developed by teachers and educational experts.
Alef Math provides comprehensive coverage of the CCSS in Mathematics to ensure there are no gaps in student understandings and knowledge.
Each mini-lesson is designed to build student understanding and minimize the time teachers spend in planning and searching for instructional resources.
Assessment questions were created with high-stakes assessments in mind.
Instant feedback provide teachers with the data they need to make the right choices at the right time to support every student.
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Instructional leaders and administrators get real-time data to drive school-wide improvement.
Alef Analytics provides immediate, granular and comprehensive data for instructional leaders and administrators for monitoring student, classroom, school and district-wide progress.
Real-time data facilitates immediate action or intervention, an important tool for building achievement over time.
Engaging content and personalized learning motivates students to learn.

Lessons are engaging, interactive, and experiential and assess student proficiency after each assessment touchpoint.

Instructional videos cover math practices, strategies and other 21st Century Skills to support students in problem solving and making connections to the world in which they live.

Instant hints and feedback guide students in constructing their knowledge of mathematics.

Individualized learning pathways guide students from where they are to where they need to be.

Games and interactive learning keep students engaged in the learning experience.